Presentation of the Research Title

on January 26 and January 27

Presentation of the Research Title

Students enrolled in October 2022 must submit the “Research Title” form to the Academic Affairs Office through the designated Google form by the deadline indicated below. Students are also required to give a presentation on January 26 or January 27. Please refer to the following notice for further details: Procedure for Submitting the “Research Title” Form

〇Submission deadline of the “Research Title” form:December 23(Fri.), 2022, by 17:15 ※Strictly observed
Form:[For Master’s Course students]・[For Doctoral Course students

〇Submission deadline of your presentation material:January 16(Mon.), 2023, by 17:15 ※Strictly observed
Example:Presentation material

[Reference]“Notation format of the research title and the thesis title”“How to write your name on the document in English”