Basic Subjects

  • Introduction to Language Science sample syllabus
    Associate Professor Matthew Joseph ZISK
  • Research Methods in Linguistics sample syllabus
    Associate Professor Ryan Edward SPRING (Center for Culture and Language Education,Tohoku University)
  • Ethics for Academic Research sample syllabus
    Professor IKEDA Mitsuho (Osaka University, Professor Emeritus)

Core Subjects (Some are offered every year; others every other year.)

  • Cognitive Linguistics sample syllabus
    Professor UEHARA Satoshi
  • Contrastive Linguistics sample syllabus
    Professor NAKAMURA Wataru
  • Corpus Linguistics
    Assistant Professor MIYAGAWA So (National Institute of Japanese Language and Linguistics)
  • Generative Syntax sample syllabus
    Professor TAKAHASHI Daiko
  • History of the Japanese Language sample syllabus: I / II
    Associate Professor Matthew Joseph ZISK
  • Language and Culture sample syllabus
    Professor ETO Hiroyuki
  • Lexical Semantics sample syllabus
    Professor ONO Naoyuki (Daito Bunka University)
  • Neurolinguistics sample syllabus
    Professor JEONG Hyeonjeong
  • Pragmatics sample syllabus
    Associate Professor NAKAMOTO Takeshi
  • Psycholinguistics sample syllabus
    AProfessor NAKAYAMA Mariko
  • Second Language Acquisition sample syllabus
    Associate Professor Peter John WANNER
  • Theoretical Analysis of Japanese
    Professor Mark IRWIN (Yamagata University)

Seminar (Conducted by each supervisor)

Seminar in linguistics