Positions Available(2023 academic year) Master’s program (2 years) : Around 5
Doctoral program (3 years) : Around 2
Positions Available April or October
Application Period
Admission Applicant Application Period Screening
April 2024 All applicants November 24 〜
December 19 2023
February 2024
October 2024 All applicants February 26 〜
April 12 2024
May or June 2024

* The Graduate Program in Global Governance & Sustainable Development has held its entrance examination in three times a year, namely, in June, September, and February, but the decision was made to not hold the September entrance examination starting in the 2021 academic year. June and February examinations will continue to be held. If you wish to enter the program in October, please take the May or June examination, and if you wish to enter in April, please take the February examination. The Spring Entrance Examination held in February was previously only open to applicants with Japanese nationality or foreign nationality already residing in Japan, but this has been changed so that anyone who meets the application qualifications listed in the application guidelines can apply. For details, please refer to the application guidelines to be issued in the near future.

* For the latest information, please refer to theguidelines listed on the GSICS website.

Screening method
  • Evaluation of application documents
  • Interview (online video conference)
Long-term Course Program This program is for students who will have difficulty completing the course within the normal period, due to employment, family duties, caregiving duties, or the like. Although the master’s program normally lasts 2 years, it can be extended to 4 years. Although the doctoral program normally lasts 3 years, it can be extended to 6 years.
Scholarships For detailed information, please visitthe University’s website.
Guidelines for applicants For more information, please refer to the official guidelines for applicants.
Guidelines for Enrollment in the Graduate Program in Global Governance and Sustainable Development (G2SD)
Successful applicants Announcement of successful applicants