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Tohoku University

Tohoku University was founded in 1907 as the third Imperial University, following Tokyo University (1877) and Kyoto University (1897). Today the University is one of the largest and oldest national universities in Japan with five campuses in Sendai. As of May 2010, it has 10,997 undergraduate students (133 international students), 7, 134 graduate students in Master’s and Doctor’s programs (including 965 international students). Since its inception, the university has embraced its "research-first" and "open-door" policies and puts strong emphasis on education led by prestigious scholars and researchers. In addition, Tohoku University was the first university to admit female students in Japan, and it also accepted transfer students from professional schools and colleges ahead of its time. (Tohoku U. website:


City of Sendai

Sendai is a city with a population of one million, and is the political and economic center of Japan’s Tohoku (northeast) Region. Although Sendai is a large city, it is known throughout Japan as a modern city in harmony with nature. The city possesses beautiful scenery, such as the Hirose-gawa River that runs through central Sendai, and the lush zelkova trees that line its streets. Greenery is especially abundant in the center of the city, which has tree-lined streets and parks. As a result, Sendai is called the "City of Trees."



Sendai has many universities and is also well known as an academic city. Its universities and research institutes have been contributing to the development of the high-tech industry.
Sendai also values history and culture. Many traditional events, such as the Sendai Tanabata Festival, continue to this day. The Sendai International Music Competition and the Johzenji Street jazz Festival are also held in the city, along with many theatrical performances.





Sendai is located approximately 300 kilometers (180 miles) north of Tokyo on the Pacific coast of Honshu (the largest of Japan’s four major islands). Sendai lies in the center of the Tohoku (northeast) Region, one of the seven major regions in Japan.
It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach Sendai from Tokyo on the Tohoku Bullet Train (Tohoku Shinkansen). Sendai also has regular flights to and from major domestic and international cities.