Basic Subjects

 Introduction to Language Science sample syllabus
  Associate Professor Matthew Joseph ZISK
 Research Methods in Linguistics sample syllabus
  Associate Professor Ryan Edward SPRING (Center for Culture and Language Education,
  Tohoku University)
 Ethics for Academic Research sample syllabus
  Professor IKEDA Mitsuho (Osaka University, Professor Emeritus)

Core Subjects (Some are offered every year; others every other year.)

 Cognitive Linguistics sample syllabus
  Professor UEHARA Satoshi
 Contrastive Linguistics sample syllabus
  Professor NAKAMURA Wataru
 Corpus Linguistics
  Assistant Professor MIYAGAWA So (National Institute of Japanese Language and Linguistics)
 Generative Syntax sample syllabus
  Professor TAKAHASHI Daiko
 History of the Japanese Language sample syllabus: I / II
  Associate Professor Matthew Joseph ZISK
 Language and Culture sample syllabus
  Professor ETO Hiroyuki
 Lexical Semantics sample syllabus
  Professor ONO Naoyuki (Daito Bunka University)
 Neurolinguistics sample syllabus
  Associate Professor JEONG Hyeonjeong
 Pragmatics sample syllabus
  Associate Professor NAKAMOTO Takeshi
 Psycholinguistics sample syllabus
  Associate Professor NAKAYAMA Mariko
 Second Language Acquisition sample syllabus
  Associate Professor Peter John WANNER
 Theoretical Analysis of Japanese
  Professor Mark IRWIN (Yamagata University)

Seminar (Conducted by each supervisor)

 Seminar in linguistics