Research Center for Language, Brain and Cognition

The Research Center for Language, Brain and Cognition (hereafter, the LBC Center) was founded in 2002 as part of the 21st Century Centers of Excellence (COE) Program, funded by MEXT. In 2007, after completing its five-year funding period, the LBC Center was integrated as a research facility of GSICS.

In the course of its five-year funding period, the LBC Center explored the emerging field of language processing in the brain, known as neurolinguistics. Its notable results include numerous interdisciplinary findings in brain imaging, linguistic typology, formal linguistics, psychology and information science. During this period, the LBC Center actively publicized its research findings through numerous international forums, symposia and lectures as venues for academic interaction among scholars and students in and outside Japan. It also trained many young researchers in the field of language sciences, producing a number of doctorate degrees.

When its five-year funding period as a CEO program came to an end, many outstanding research questions remained to be answered especially in the field of neurolinguistics, and thus in 2007, the LBC Center was reinstated as a research facility affiliated with GSICS. Equipped with state of the art research facilities, such as MRI machines, the goal of the LBC Center is to promote the study of cutting-edge language and brain science through interdisciplinary collaboration with the other graduate schools and research facilities of Tohoku University. The LBC Center continues to produce cutting-edge research results in language sciences and related fields.

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