Department of Multi-Cultural Studies

In 2009, with the aim of broadening our range to study more comprehensively the plurality of cultures in the world, the Department of Multi-Cultural Societies was reorganized into the new Department of Multi-Cultural Studies. Focusing on the cultural plurality, researches in the field of sociology, history, anthropology, cross-cultural studies, and ecocriticsm work together here to teach as well as pursue the interdisciplinary studies, which have never been more significant in the area of humanities. Beyond the so called cultural studies, which sometimes have been criticized for their simple crossover style of research, we propose to deepen and sharpen the fundamental analysis of the “text” in a broader sense (i.e. almost every kind of sign we perceive in our life), on the firm basis of the scrupulous examination and comprehension of the cultural pluralism.

Academic Staff and Research Interests

  • ISHIHATA Naoki, Professor, Ecocriticism
  • HOLDEN Todd, Professor, Interdisciplinary Social Science, Media and Communication Studies, Research Methodology
  • SUZUKI Michio, Professor, Comparative Cultural Studies and German Literature
  • YOSHIDA Shigeto, Associate Professor, Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Discourse
  • SATO Yukino, Associate Professor, Central European Area Studies, Czechoslovak History, Nationalism

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