Department of Interregional Enviromental System

Global environmental problems enter the critical phase that threatens not only the human race and the ecosystem but also the entire world of nature. The present situation is not solely the outcome of the failure of environmental technology or eco-scientific advancement. It is deeply rooted in the problems related to our culture and society. An important task here is to clarify the social, economic and cultural problems that cause this state of affairs and to reconstruct the system of our life and the way of thinking fundamentally. Environmental policies to tackle the issues should be planned and implemented interregionally from an encompassing perspective of the entire civilization of the human race.
Environment-related researches have so far been made in various separate fields of science, rather sporadically and not in an organized way. From the above context, however, it is evident that environmental study should be something to be established in strategic collaboration or networking of different disciplines and methodologies irrespective of human, social or natural sciences.
From this standpoint, our department pursues the interdisciplinary study of the construction of eco-friendly, environment-conscious social system on an interregional basis, focusing upon such subjects as eco-philosophy, social system, environmental preservation, resource-recycling, and waste management.

Academic Staff and Research Interests

  • YAMASHITA Hiroshi, Professor, Ecophulosophy and Deep Ecological Thoughts in Asian Traditions, Area Studies(South Asia)
  • YU Jeongsoo, Associate Professor, Urban & Environmental Policy, Recycling-Oriented Social System
  • AOKI Toshiaki, Associate Professor, Environmental psychology, regional policy for substainable development, city planning

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