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The department focuses on studies of intercultural and interlingual relations in various parts of the world from the correlative, contrastive, and historical perspectives. In particular, with emphasis on the analysis of linguistic cultures of Japan as well as Asian and Western countries, comprehensive intercultural and interlingual study can be vigorously pursued by identifying linguistic contact, influence, reception, and education.
 Among major fields of research at the department are 1) languages and linguistics, 2) language education, and 3) history of ideas/thoughts and cultural studies, which cover respectively 1) contrastive linguistics, linguistic typology, historical-comparative semantics, cognitive linguistics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, etc.; 2) Japanese language education and foreign language education; 3) Japanese literature, history of Japanese thoughts, history of linguistic sciences, language and culture, history of ideas of the Western world, etc.

Academic Staff and Research Interests

  • SATO Sekiko, Professor, History of Japanese Thoughts; Japanese Education
  • UEHARA Satoshi, Professor, Cognitive Linguistics, Linguistic Typology, Japanese Linguistics, Pragmatics
  • NAGATOMO Masami, Professor, Sociolinguistics, The History of the German Students and Students Songs, The German Elements in the North American Continent
  • ETO Hiroyuki, Professor, Intellectual History of Linguistics, Historical Semantics of English, Language and Liberal Arts Education

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