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The Department of Cross-cultural Education encourages contrastive linguistic studies of Japanese and other languages and concentrates on the following three research areas:

  1. A linguistic study of natural languages, particularly Japanese, from the perspectives of human cognition, and language function and communication, based on recent findings in the fields of Cognitive Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Linguistic Typology, Computational Linguistics, and Formal Semantics.
  2. Construction of language-learning process models/systems for those acquiring Japanese as a second language, based on Contrastive and Cognitive Linguistic Studies of Japanese and other languages.
  3. Exploration of the Interface between Linguistic Theories (Cognitive Linguistics, Formal Grammar) and Brain Function Studies. As such, this department serves as a core research unit in the 21st Century Center of Excellence Program, entitled “A Strategic Research and Education Center for an Integrated Approach to Language and Cognition” (October 2002〜March 2007).

Academic Staff and Research Interests

  • YOSHIMOTO Kei, Professor, Linguistic Cognitive Science, Japanese Grammar, Foreign (Joint) Language Acquisition and Education
  • KITAHARA Yoshio, Associate Professor, English Linguistics, Linguistics
  • NAKAMURA Wataru, Associate Professor, Functional Linguistics; Linguistic Typology, Language Acquisition, Cognitive Linguistics
  • SUGAYA Natsue, Associate Professor, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching Japanese as a Foreign/Second Language

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