Master’s Thesis Titles (Academic Year 2016-2017)

Division of Area Studies

Department of European Cultural Studies

  • ‘Memory’, ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Recall’ from Alain Resnais’ Early Work Hiroshima Mon Amour:
    by comparing with Script Writer Marguerite Duras’ Fictional World

Division of Intercultural Relations

Department of Interregional Enviromental System

  • A Review of Environmental Education in Elementary Schools:
    Case Study on “Waste Disposal in the Third and Fourth Grades’ Social Studies”

Department of Cross-Cultural Education

  • Air Writing and Leaning Kanji
    ―A Study of Japanese Learners coming from a Non-Kanji Orthographic Background―

International Graduate Program in Language Sciences

  • A comparison of the usage of the filler ano by L2 learners of Japanese:
    A focus on Mandarin-speakers and English-speakers learning Japanese

Division of International Cultural Studies

Department of International Environment and Resources Policy

  • Study on Proper Disposal and Recycling of Plastic Packaging Waste:
    Comparative Study of Japan and Mongolia
  • A Study on the Factors and their effects of a Walkable and Enjoyable City
  • Humanitarian Logistics in Tsunami Disaster

Department of Multiculturalism

  • Research of Chinese Students and Friendship Association Centered on the Sendai Metropolitan Area
  • The Film Theory of Claude Chabrol:
    Comparison with Alfred Hitchcock

Department of Theoretical Linguistics

  • A Study on “Noun-modifying Adverbs” in Japanese
  • Negative effect on understanding of the information caused by ‘katakana language’
  • A Contrastive Study on Gapless relatives in Japanese and Chinese
  • A Study of the Chinese Students’ Motivation to Study Japanese
    — Particularly Focussing on Language Schools’ Students —

Department of Applied Linguistics

  • Maxims of Homotyped Answers to Intersectional Polar Questions

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