Doctoral Dissertation Titles (Academic Year 2016-2017)

Division of Area Studies

Department of Islamic Area Studies

  • Transformation of Iranian Cities in Qajar Period:
    Comparative Analysis of Qazvin, Tehran and the Other Cities

Department of Comparative Cultural Studies

  • The Image of China in England during the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries:
    Records from the Members of the Macartney Embassy to China

Division of Intercultural Relations

Department of Intercultural and Interlingual Relations

  • Conceptual Transition of Discriminatory Language in Japanese
    – From a Viewpoint of Discriminatory Issues since 1960s –
  • The change of motivation and behavior:
    focusing on Japanese learners in a university of China
  • A diachronic study on how the Japanese construal has changed from the Heian period to the Heisei period

Department of International Resources Policy

  • Roles and Challenges of Fishery Agreements in Waters around Japan:
    Comparative Analysis of Fisheries Actual Conditions in the Disputed Waters
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Security in Indonesian Mining Area:
    A Case Study of PT Timah Tbk in West Bangka District
  • Building Community Resilience in Tsunami Risk Area:
    Evidence from Pancer Hamlet, Banyuwangi District, Indonesia

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