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“Plan for writing the Master’s Thesis/Doctoral Dissertation” Form

・“Plan for writing the Master’s Thesis” Form
・“Plan for writing the Doctoral Dissetation”Form

Changes regarding Accounts for Automatic Payment of Tuition Fees

Alert: Sighting of bear

Details of Sighting
Source: Tohoku University student
Date/time: June 26 (Fri.), 2015, approx. 1:00
Place: Near Sendai Nishi Road. (see attached map)
*Information on bear sightings is relayed to the appropriate Sendai City
authorities, with whom we conduct an on-site investigation and consider
countermeasures. City authorities have advised that students remain
alert at all times.
 Future sightings will be reported as needed. In particular, students
and instructors in departments located close to the sighting location
are advised to be alert and take necessary precautions to ensure safety.
(Reference: Excerpt from Sendai City website)
-Try not to go out at dawn or late at night.
-Do not leave garbage outside overnight; place it at collection points
during daylight hours.
-When entering wilderness areas, carry something that emits noise, such
as a radio.

For details, see the article on Asian black bears on the Sendai City
website wildlife page (article available in Japanese only).

Campus Bus Service during the 1st Semester, 2015

2015. 3.26 News:Campus Bus Service during the 1st Semester , 2015

Time Schedule
Campus Bus Guide

Disaster Prevention Manual


2018.11.15 【Notice】Lecture on “SADO”

Please refer to this.

2018.11.15 【Notice】Renting Apartments for Beginners

Please refer to this.

2018.10.23 【Notice】Event to know about Japan, DATEntre

Please see details and apply by yourself.

2018.9.6 【Notice】Municipal Housing Applications

Deadline is 16 Sep, Sun. We have two application forms. (First come first served basis)
Please refer to this.

2018.9.5 【Notice】Fare revision of “Sendai city bus and subway free pass”

From 1st Oct, Mon free passes including city bus will rise by 800 yen per month.
Even if you will use after 1st Oct, Mon you can purchase it at the price before the revision until 30th Sep, Sun (It is available from 14 days before the start date of use).
Please see this for details.

2018.9.5 【Notice】Announcement of regular cleaning for the summer season

We will perform regular summer cleaning on the following schedule.
On the day of work, please refrain from entering the building or the corresponding floor as much as possible.
◎International Cultural Studies both Building:15 Sep, From 7:00am~all day
◎Kawakita Research Forum:23 Sep, From 7:00am~all day
※ Because we will also do waxing on the same day, please do not place things on common parts such as corridors.
◎Multimedia Education and Research Complex 4F:17 Aug, From 7:00am~all day
◎Multimedia Education and Research Complex 6F:24 Sep, From 7:00am~all day

2018.9.5 【Notice】TGL Global Career Seminar

Please see this about the schedule.

2018.8.30 【Notice】2018 DATEntre Tohoku Innovation Human Resources Development Program, Recruitment for Third Semester Students (October Entrants)

Student Application Requirements
Program Information Session

2018.8.27 【Notice】For Ph.D Candidates/Postdocs, Innovative Leaders Fostering Course Registration (Fall semester)

Detailed information: http://www.career.ihe.tohoku.ac.jp/ilp/ilfc
Pre-session Briefing

2018.8.9 【Notice】Call for The First Tohoku Conference on Global Japanese Studies

The First Tohoku Conference on Global Japanese Studies will hold in December, 2018.
In details, please refer to this.

2018.8.6 【Notice】Spend a night at local FARM

Please apply by yourself.

2018.8.6 【Notice】APRU(The 9th Annual APRU Research Conference on Population Aging)

Theme:“Dementia, Cognition, and Healthy and Productive Aging”
Please refer to the following website, and Applicants can apply by themselves.

2018. 7.31 Foreign student who are has any problems about mental health etc. due to heavy rain disaster in Japan, please contact with The Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School of International Cultural Studies (GSICS).

2015. 5.26 Center for Career Support, Tohoku University
*All programs are conducted in Japanese only

2014. 8.25 EGGS English Salon Cooperation

2014. 6.23 Special Lecture for International Students

Tanabata Decoration
Kado (Flower Arrangement)

2014. 5.26 TGL Seminar – Embracing Change: My Journey to Hollywood and Beyond

2014. 5.22 Summer Intensive Japanese Language Course


2018.12.11 Beware of Frozen Water Pipes

2018.8.30 【Important】Warning: Rubella Outbreak

Please check following inormation about Rubella Outbreak.

2016.03.03 Attention:Zika virus warning for students/staff planning overseas travel

2015. 7. 6 Those returning to/entering Japan within 14 days of being in Korea or the Middle East (Arabian Peninsula and surrounding countries)

2015. 6.15 Warning regarding Middle East Respiratory Syndorome (MERS)

2014.9 Response to Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak (Warning Notice)

2014.12. 8 Beware of Frozen Water Pipes

2014.11.14 Response to Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak (Warning Notice)

2014. 9.11 Response to Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak (Warning Notice)

2014. 4. 8 Warning on alcohol consumption

2013.11.19 Change the place of the Charter Bus Stop at Kawauchi Post Office

2013. 4.23 Regarding the outbreak of Avian Influenza A(H7N9) in China

2012.10.17 Tips for Avoiding Cyber Crime

2012. 2. 9 No Drugs!!

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