“Human Security and Society” Program

This program performs all of education instruction including the class in English. In addition, at the entrance to school time, it is April and October.

*(May 2017) NOTE:
Our graduate school has not accepted new graduate students for “Human Security and Society” Program. Accordingly, prospective students are not able to apply for this program.
“The International Post-Graduate Program in Human Security” is also operated by the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, the Graduate School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies. You may want to directly check these graduate schools’ Human Security Programs.

For Admission

Application for Master’s Program
Application for Doctoral Program


“The International Joint Educational Program of Human Security”, which started in April 2005, is a program jointly designed by four Graduate Schools of Tohoku University: the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, the Graduate School of Medicine, the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies. The purpose of this program is to make intellectual contributions to the realization of Human Security throughout the world.
In this joint program, the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies (GSICS) focuses on “Human Security and Society.” GSICS provides research and education on a range of human security issues concerning people and society. We believe that the most serious issues facing the world today are great, but not insoluble. However, such problems transcend national, ethnic and racial boundaries, and their solutions require a reconstitution of humanity’s intellectual framework. We must develop a deeper and wider understanding for the social dimension of human-beings suffering around the world, in a way which guarantees the growth of civil society and promotes minimum standards of human rights, economic and technological development, gender equality and so on.

Program Description


The Human Security Program is composed of 4 sub-programs: “Human Security and Food & Agriculture,” “Human Security and Public Health,” “Human Security and Society” and “Human Security and Environment.” They are under the administration of the Graduate School of Agriculture, the Graduate School of Medicine, the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, and the Graduate School of Environment, respectively. They provide curricula for understanding intricate structure of various problems spreading to the areas of Food, Health, Regional Community and Environment.


Research and education concerning the topics of individual social security problem on the level of daily lives affected by human right, gender, conflict, refugee, and researching how the social security would be established in the changing situation of environments surrounding states and citizens.


Research and education on method of settlement and influence of environmental changes in water resources, forest, and climate on the individual and social lives, caused by natural phenomenon and human activities.

Food & Agriculture:

Research and education on the individual security for foods, for example, security of food supply, economic development and food diversification, quality of food, and administration of food resources and nationalism.

Public Health:

Research and education on preventable death events, as well as social systems in their back ground,
such as infectious diseases, chemical hazards, disasters, medical injuries, etc.


Students of the Human Security Program belong to one of the 4 Graduate Schools. After satisfying the requirements of the Human Security Program, students are conferred the following degrees:
Graduate School Master’s Program Doctoral Program
International Cultural Studies Master (International Cultural Studies) Doctor (International Cultural Studies)
Master (Interdisciplinary Studies) Doctor (PhD)
Environmental Studies Master (Environmental Studies) Doctor (Environmental Studies)
Master (Interdisciplinary Studies) Doctor (PhD)
Agricultural Science Master (Agricultural Science) Doctor (Agricultural Science)
Medicine Master (Medicine)
In “Human Security and Society” Program of the GSICS, students of Master’s and Doctoral Programs belong to the Department of International Resources Policy.


All courses in the Human Security Program are lectured in English. A minimum of 30 units is required for the Master’s degree.

(a) Core Subjects (compulsory): 12 units
A total of 8 interdisciplinary courses are provided. The four Graduate Schools each provides 2 courses concerning the actual situation and problems of the Human Security.
(b) Basic and Major Subjects: 14 units
Study for the specialized field in the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies.
(c) Thesis: 4 units
Individual training in writing of a Master’s thesis under the direction of an academic supervisor.

Tohoku University International Post-Graduate Program in Human Security

For more information: human_security[AT]mail.kankyo.tohoku.ac.jp

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