Features of Graduate School of International Cultural Studies

GSICS Values Creative Minds

GSICS trains scholars and professionals who can formulate novel questions and provide creative solutions to critical issues confronting human beings.

GSICS Aspires to be Globally Competitive

GSICS strives to develop world-class scholars and professionals, through an educational environment that emphasizes firsthand experience and enables students to obtain comprehensive communication skills.

GSICS is Open to the Community and to the World

GSICS welcomes talented people not only from the surrounding community, but from all over the world as well. We support non-traditional students - including those who are returning to school, working full time, and joining us from abroad. We do our best to meet the special needs of every incoming student.

GSICS Welcomes Challengers

GSICS seeks students with a wide range of educational and experiential backgrounds. Beyond this, we seek students who wish to pursue learning in disciplines they may not have had previous training in. We heartily offer guidance and support to those who wish to challenge in new directions.

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