Two Lectures on Theoretical Aspects of Second Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics


Future Global Leadership (FGL) Program「外国人講師等招へい」事業

Lecture 1:Aspectual coercion in non-native speakers of English

In semantics, the sentence “Sam coughed for an hour” is hypothesized to incur aspectual coercion, because cough is aspectually incompatible with for an hour. Previous psycholinguistic studies reported an extra processing cost in native English speakers. In this talk, I will report data from Korean, German, and Chinese speakers of English that reveal processing profiles different from native speakers.

Lecture 2:Reading bilingually: language switching costs in Cantonese-English bilinguals

Various degrees of bilingualism are prevalent in Hong Kong. This on-going research examines language-switching costs when bilinguals read sentences that alternate between Cantonese and English in coherent discourse. Behavioral data from forty-three proficient bilinguals show longer reading times when they switched from L2 English to L1 Cantonese than vice versa. The findings will be discussed with respect to mechanisms of inhibitory control and lexical access.

場所:東北大学川内キャンパス 川北合同棟531教室

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